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Team Model

For more information about employment opportunities, please contact Bryan Lovell at 813-727-1867.

Team Building

At VanDyk Mortgage, we have learned over the years that leverage is key to grow your business. Everyone reaches a ceiling of success that we can't break through without the right leverage to help us maximize our strengths. We have learned that most Loan Originators cannot close more than 8-10 loans a month without leveraging team members to avoid burnout, and to help them take their business to the next level, give them more free time and earn more money. At VanDyk Mortgage we have developed team concepts that help you grow your business in each stage without having the burden of a large financial hit to obtain the leverage needed to grow your business. Additionally, your Regional Manager will work with you to help you recruit and hire the team members to help you reach your goals.

CSA Model

The first step is our CSA (Corporate Sales Assistant) model. The CSA is available to any Loan Originator regardless of production level. The CSA takes over your file once your borrower is under contract. They take the file from Contract to Processing Submission. They will call your borrower and obtain all the documentation needed for the file, update the 1003 to reflect the actual income and assets based on documentation, walk the borrower through initial disclosures and submit the file to processing. Each file will save you hours in time that is better used for lead generation in your business.

Transaction Coordinator

Once you have leveraged the help of a CSA, you should be able to build momentum and grow your business enough to make your first full-time hire of a Transaction Coordinator. This role is someone who can manage your pipeline from contract to close. They do the same duties the CSA was previously doing, as well as continuing to work with your processor through the file’s closing.

Team Loan Originator

The goal is to grow your business to a level that now you can hire your first team Loan Originator. The additional Loan Originator on your team allows you to continue to do “rain making” activities, and have a Loan Officer who can help you build your business.