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Perfect Loan Process

For more information about employment opportunities, please contact Bryan Lovell at 813-727-1867.

At VanDyk, we believe in helping our Loan Originators build successful businesses. We do that by providing you the best tools in the business. The Perfect Loan Process (PLP) is one of those tools. Our PLP provides a roadmap for you and your team to follow to get positive, consistent results. It is tied to our loan origination and customer relationship management software automating a lot of the process for you. You also have a team that will implement parts of the process for you, leaving you to reap the benefits. By touching your transaction partners consistently throughout the loan process, you keep the lines of communication open, work more efficiently, and have more on-time 30 day closings. The goal is to have every customer leave the experience with the feeling that you and your team have exceeded their expectations, which leads them to tell their friends and family about your superb service.