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For more information about employment opportunities, please contact Bryan Lovell at 813-727-1867.

In most of us, regardless of industry or occupation, there is an entrepreneurial spirit that helps us achieve success. We reach that level of success because of our natural make up. It's who we are. What happens once you reach that level of success? How do you break through that ceiling and move forward on to your next achievement?

At VanDyk Mortgage, we believe coaching is one of the tools that helps us uncover what new systems or models we need to develop to break through ceilings of achievement and attain the next one. We feel that providing coaching to our sales team is a worthy investment. Our Sales Managers are non-producing leaders. Their time isn’t split between working on their own pipeline and helping you achieve your goals. They are focused 100% on helping all our associates achieve their business, and life, objectives.

Our National Sales Manager, Bryan Lovell, is a John C. Maxwell Certified Coach and trainer. He uses his knowledge, training, and experience to equip and elevate our leaders to help you achieve your goals and dreams. They will mentor you and help you build your business plan to achieve your desired level of success. They will help you uncover opportunities in your business and coach you to your potential.

One of their objectives is to help you identify the activities that when they become a habit, increase the possibilities of reaching your goals. They are available to help you self-discover the answers to your questions, but can also provide direction when necessary. And most of all, they are there to help motivate you to reach the success you desire. Don’t you want to work for a company that wants to invest in your success?